2017-05-27 fendoFix: mismatch variable type (cluster_port). master
2017-05-26 fendoAdd cluster_port parameter for Multiple clusters
2017-01-14 fendoSending IPv6_ra more often.
2016-01-10 fendoFix debian/changelog
2016-01-10 fendoFix debian/changelog
2016-01-10 fendoUpdate Changes file
2015-09-22 fendoAdd of the ppp_keepalive option. 2.2.1-2fdn3.18
2014-10-01 fendoAdd of the RDNSS option to ICMPv6 Router Advertisement... 2.2.1-2fdn3.17
2014-09-22 fendoUpdate changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.16
2014-09-21 fendoFix: IPv6 prefix routing on slave cluster
2014-09-18 fendoUpdate changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.15
2014-09-18 fendonew feature: If the user attribute "Framed-IPv6-Address...
2014-09-16 fendoAdded ability to define up to 5 IPv6 prefix delegation...
2014-09-12 fendoChangelog Update 2.2.1-2fdn3.14
2014-09-12 fendoFix cluster slave; no add the ipv6 route address (...
2014-09-12 fendoFix cluster slave; reset to 0, the end of the session...
2014-09-11 fendoAdd DHCPv6 functionality. 2.2.1-2fdn3.13
2013-12-10 fendoFix: remove old IPV6 routes on master 2.2.1-2fdn3.12
2013-11-12 fendoadd attribut >no_throttle_local_IP
2013-10-07 fendoUpdate debian changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.11
2013-09-21 fendoFix: throttle ipv6 out.
2013-09-21 fendoFix: remove old IPV6 routes on slave
2013-09-16 fendoFix: compiling Warning, dpkg-buildflags ...
2013-09-16 fendo* Enabled hardened build flags, thanks Moritz Muehlenho...
2013-09-16 fendoFix: wheezy warning compilation
2013-06-05 fendoFixing of the Endpoint-Discriminator has a unique value.
2013-06-04 fendoFix: authentication success was sent 2 times. 2.2.1-2fdn3.10
2013-05-23 fendoUpdate changelog. 2.2.1-2fdn3.9
2013-05-22 fendoFix: loop parse multi_hostanme
2013-05-22 fendoFix: loop parse multi_hostanme
2013-05-21 fendoAdding the possibility to set multiple hostname.
2013-04-30 fendoUpdate debian/changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.8
2013-04-29 fendoFix: send SCCCN requested challenge response
2013-04-24 fendoadd accounting parameter account_all_origin
2013-04-09 fendoFix service_name management and add pppoe_only_equal_sv...
2013-04-09 fendoUpdate changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.7
2013-03-28 fendoMerge branch 'multibind'
2013-03-17 fendoFix possible IPv6 spoofing
2013-03-06 fendoAdding the possibility to listening multiple IP L2TP... multibind
2013-02-26 fendoUpdate changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.6
2013-02-26 fendoFix Warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will...
2013-02-25 fendoFix: Tunnel creation does not work when the length...
2013-02-10 fendoAdd param disable no spoof
2013-02-10 fendoUpdate debian/changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.5
2013-02-06 fendosmall performance improvement in download (internet...
2013-01-15 fendoDisable sending HELLO message for Apple compatibility 2.2.1-2fdn3.4
2013-01-14 fendoUpdate debian changelog 2.2.1-2fdn3.3
2013-01-14 fendomanual update pppoe-srv
2013-01-13 fendoFix: No RADIUS Stop message sent (regression due to...
2013-01-13 fendoFix: inverted delete/add routes in cluster mode
2013-01-08 fendorename attribut interface pppoe to bind
2013-01-08 fendoAdd PPPOE-SERVER functionality
2012-12-26 fendoAuthorize to change the source IP of the tunnels l2tp 2.2.1-2fdn3.2
2012-12-21 fendoAdd tundevicename configuration option 2.2.1-2fdn3.1
2012-12-20 fendoFix: last_packet no updated in cluster mode
2012-12-18 fendoAdd a debian/changelog entry for version 2.2.1-2fdn3
2012-12-18 fendoFix routes inverted delete/add in cluster mode dev-lac
2012-12-15 fendoUpdate changelog (LAC functionnality)
2012-12-14 fendoFinal development LAC functionality.
2012-12-09 fendoFix: loopback protection
2012-12-07 fendoFix LAC functionnality
2012-12-06 fendoFollowing development LAC functionality
2012-11-28 fendofirst version of the LAC functionality
2012-11-18 fendoFix the inverted "delete/add" of the routes, in cluster...
2012-11-17 fendoAdd a debian/changelog entry for version 2.2.1-2fdn2
2012-10-28 fendoMLPPP not working in cluster mode. fendo-mods
2012-02-20 Fernando AlvesAdd a echo_timeout configuration option.
2012-02-15 Fernando AlvesFix: Sends small packets in the MPPPP frame (for reorder).
2012-02-12 Fernando AlvesFix: MLPPP improvents.
2012-02-04 Fernando AlvesFix: MLPPP complete lost frame.
2012-02-03 Fernando AlvesFix MLPPP functionality.
2012-02-02 Benjamin CamaAdd a debian/changelog entry for version 2.2.1-2fdn1
2012-02-02 Benjamin CamaMerge branch 'fdn-mods'
2012-02-02 Benjamin CamaMerge branch 'common-cvs-git-upstream' into fdn-mods fdn-mods
2012-02-01 Benjamin CamaFix whitespaces errors introduced by commit d2848ce
2012-02-01 Benjamin CamaMerge remote-tracking branch 'new-upstream/master'...
2012-01-29 Benjamin CamaFix binding of the cli to the configured address
2012-01-03 Benjamin CamaAdd a debian/changelog entry for version 2.2.1-1fdn3 debian/2.2.1-1fdn3
2012-01-03 Benjamin CamaMerge branch 'fdn-mods'
2011-09-25 Benjamin CamaLog tunnel # while shutting down MPPP sessions.
2011-09-25 Benjamin CamaFix a format string pointer diff specifier. remove-warnings
2011-09-25 Benjamin CamaUse uint32_t buffer instead of uint8_t one.
2011-09-25 Benjamin CamaAdd a uint16_t control buffer type, as a union.
2011-09-24 Benjamin CamaFix the strange bundles' members looping use.
2011-09-23 Benjamin CamaRemove unused variables.
2011-09-22 Benjamin CamaLog the tunnel # when adding/removing routes.
2011-09-19 Benjamin CamaMerge branch 'use-netlink' into fdn-mods
2011-09-19 Benjamin CamaForgot to remove a prototype. use-netlink
2011-09-19 Benjamin CamaSet hostname /after/ having read the config file.
2011-09-19 Benjamin CamaLog the session # when adding IPv6 routes.
2011-09-16 Benjamin CamaMerge branch 'fdn-mods'
2011-09-16 Benjamin CamaChange the rtm_proto to some arbitrary-defined value.
2011-09-15 Benjamin CamaAdd a debian/changelog entry for version 2.2.1-1fdn2. debian/2.2.1-1fdn2
2011-09-15 Benjamin CamaMerge branch 'fdn-mods'
2011-09-15 Benjamin CamaCorrectly set mp_epdis in host order.
2011-09-12 Brendan O'Deaclean up some compiler errors
2011-09-11 Brendan O'DeaApply patch from Geoffrey D. Bennett to fix handle...
2011-08-21 Benjamin CamaBetter error handling on CLI initialization.
2011-08-20 Benjamin CamaMerge branch 'use-netlink' into fdn-mods
2011-08-20 Benjamin CamaCorrectly form the delete route/route6 request.